When is camping available?

Onsite camping will be available for bump-in from the Monday prior at 8am in both Banjo’s Premium and Clancy’s Overflow Camping.


To access Banjo’s Premium Camping on MONDAY prior to the festival, arrive via the Stock Route (from Parish Lane) to Gate # 7.

Access to Banjo’s Premium Camping from TUESDAY prior to the festival through to and including the Sunday of the festival arrive via Gate #1.


To access Clancy’s Overflow Camping on MONDAY prior and arrive via the Stock Route (from Thomas Lane) to Gate #9.

Access to Clancy’s Overflow Camping for the remainder of the week is via either Stock Route (from Thomas Lane or Donaldson Street) to Gate #9.

Where are the camping areas?

Can specific camp sites be booked? Can my friends and I camp together?

It is not possible to book specific sites within our camping zones. All camp sites go on sale on the same day via our website. Banjo’s Premium Camp Sites (Corryong Golf Course) incorporate Sections A & B. They are located immediately surrounding the Festival Grounds. Clancy’s Overflow Camp Sites are Section C only which is located nearby. At bump-in, Camping Marshalls will direct you to the next available camp site within the Zone you have booked. To ensure you have the best opportunity to camp with your friends we recommend that your group arrive in convoy and enter the Camp Grounds together

I want to camp for 2 days only. What are my camping options?

To purchase a camp site at the Festival in Banjo’s Premium Camping it is compulsory to purchase a minimum of one 4-Day pass. To book a camp site in Clancy’s Overflow Camping requires an adult or concession pass must have been purchased. Therefore if you can only stay for 2 days and you wish to camp in Banjo’s you would need to purchase a 4-Day pass to do so.

Other camping areas are located throughout the community. Contact the Corryong Visitor Information Centre on 02 6076 2277 for details.

Can I bring more than one vehicle if I purchased a camp site?

Banjo’s Premium Camp Sites are 6 x 9m. 1 vehicle pass is issued per camp site. (One Car & One Caravan)

Clancy’s Overflow Camp Sites are 10 x 9m. Up to 2 vehicle passes can be issued per camp site. (Two Car’s & One Carvan)

There is NO ALLOWANCE for extra vehicles on these campsites. Any extra vehicles will need to be parked in the overflow car-park located at the old netball courts at the entrance to the Festival Grounds (near # Gate 1).

Can we bring our own alcohol?

There is a no-glass policy within the Festival Grounds and its environs. You may bring alcohol but it can only be consumed at your campsite. NO alcohol is to be brought into the Festival Grounds. Patrons may be subject to random checks at gates to ensure compliance.

What is the difference between Banjo‘s Premium Camp Sites (Golf Course) and Clancy’s Overflow Camp Sites?

Site location, size, number of vehicles permitted, number of campers permitted and price.

Banjo’s Premium Camping is located on the 9-hole Corryong Golf Course that surrounds the Festival Grounds. Sites are 6m x 9m and cost $200 per site. Only 1 vehicle per site is permitted. Maximum of 6 campers per site.

Clancy’s Overflow Camping is located roughly 500m from the Festival Grounds on land leased by the Festival. Sites are 10m x 9m and cost $140 per site. 2 vehicles are permitted per site. Maximum of 8 campers per site.

Do you have powered sites?

No, we do not offer powered sites. You are welcome to bring solar facilities or a small quiet generator. Please be mindful that there is a noise curfew. Generators must not be run between 10pm and 6am.

Are there toilets and showers?

Yes, toilet & shower trucks are located in strategic locations at both Banjo’s Premium Camping and Clancy’s Overflow Camping. Toilet and shower facilities are also located at various locations within the Festival venue.

How many people can camp per camp site?

Banjo’s Premium Camp Sites and Clancy’s Overflow Camp Sites are limited by size and number of vehicles permitted. When organising the layout of your site be mindful of your site size, the size of your camping facilities (ie caravan, tent, swag) and allowance for your vehicle. You can sleep up to a maximum of 6 on your Banjo’s Premium Camp Site and 8 people within the confines of your Clancy’s Overflow Camp site – all of which must be wearing a valid Festival Pass.

Can we connect to potable water?

There is limited access to water points (taps) located throughout Banjo’s Premium Camping. (Hoses are NOT to be fitted to taps restricting access to water by other campers. Hoses will be confiscated by officials in the event this occurs) You’re welcome to bring buckets and cart water to your site. We recommend arriving with a full tank.

There is no direct access to potable water available at Clancy’s Overflow Camping.

Alternatively, there is a Dump Point with access to potable water located at the Corryong Sale Yards – adjacent to both Banjo’s Premium Camping and Clancy’s Overflow Camp.

Can we run off our grey water and/or black water onto the ground or does it have to be contained?

Grey water can be released onto the rough areas of Banjo’s Premium Camping. You must ensure it does not impact campers around you.

Black water MUST be contained and released at the Dump Point located at the Corryong Sale Yards, which is located on Donaldson Street or taken with you when you vacate your camp site.

Are fires permitted?

Small cooking / camp fires are permitted on your campsite. ALL fires must be contained within a fire pit/drum. Fires are not permitted on fairways. Strictly NO BONFIRES PERMITTED. Corryong Football Netball Club will circulate throughout Banjo’s Premium and Clancy’s Overflow Camp sites offering wood for sale daily.

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