When can I purchase Festival Passes?

Passes on sale from 9am September 1st via this website’s Tickets page.

What is the difference between a Super Pass and a General Admission Pass?

A Super Pass provides access to all events INCLUDING the MFSR Re-enactment. (Note – in 2024 we will conduct an AM Show only with a capacity of 4000)
A General Admission Pass provides access to all events EXCLUDING the Re-enactment.

How do I book for the Re-enactment?

Purchase a Super Pass. To attend the Re-enactment you MUST purchase a Super Pass. (General Admission Passes will NOT provide access to the Re-enactment.)

What Is the Cost of a Pass?

Passes for the 2024 Festival will go on sale via our website from Septemebr 1. Prices for 2024 are located on the Tickets page of the website.

I purchased my Festival Passes Online. How will I receive my Festival Pass and Camping Sticker?

  • Festival Pass – Confirmation of your purchase will be sent to you via the email supplied during the purchase process. We recommend you print this receipt out to bring with you or alternatively retain it on your phone for scanning.
  • You will be required to present this paperwork to the MFSR Ticket Box located at Gate #2 of the Festival Grounds where you will be issued with your Festival Pass(s) (Passes are issued as wristband that must be worn for the duration of the Event).
  • Camping Sticker – Upon arrival you will be required to present your paperwork to Camping Marshalls. They will validate your paperwork and issue you with your 2024 Camping Sticker before escorting you to your camp site.

NOTE – The receipt contains a QR code that officials will scan and your Festival Pass (wristband) will be handed over. The Festival will not issue wristbands or camping stickers in the mail.

Do I need to know the day I am coming before I buy a Festival Pass?

Yes. If you are only coming for a day, you need to specify which day you will be attending.

Will you sell out?

We have limited Camping and Super Passes available. We offer 500 campsites on Banjo’s Premium Precinct; 500 campsites on Clancy’s Overflow Precinct and 4000 Super Passes. We recommend purchasing your Festival Passes and Camp Site early to avoid disappointment.

Is there a limit of how many Passes I can buy?

There is a maximum of 10 Passes per purchase. The purchaser will need to know the names and DOB of all ticketholders at the time of purchase. Group Bookings (needing to purchase more than 10 Passes in one transaction) must contact the Festival Office directly on 02 6076 1992.

Can I bring my dog?

Yes, but you can not bring your dog into the Rec Grounds. The dog must be tied up at your camp site.

I am 17 but will be turning 18 during the Festival, what Pass do I purchase online?

The best option is to purchase a 1-day Youth Passes for the time that you are 17 and also purchase 1-day Adult Passes for when you turn 18.

*Penalties will apply if alcohol is purchased or attempted to be purchased on a Youth Pass.

I need to change the type of Pass I have purchased. How do I do that?

Contact the Festival Office via email – [email protected] – and explain your changed circumstances and we will respond as soon as possible.

What do I do if I lose or damage my Festival Pass during the Festival?

If you lose or damage your Festival Pass (wristband) go to the Main Ticket Box Gate #2 with your damage wristband and receipt of purchase for that wristband and you will receive another Festival Pass (wristband). *NOTE – An administration fee of $25 is applicable on ALL replacement Festival Passes (wristbands).

Do you offer Pensioners Discounts?

Yes – Commonwealth Pension cardholders only.

How does ticketing work? When do I get my wrist band?

Ticketing works like this!

You buy your ticket online, we email you a confirmation, you turn up to the MFSR Bush Festival, with your confirmation email and we then give you your wristband upon arrival. Wrist bands available from Main Entrance, Gate 2.

Do you have a map of the Festival ground?

Yes, we do!

Just here!


Camping opens on Monday 8th April at 8:30am

NO camping on the stock route the night before. This will be highly enforced by police so please choose wisely.

Handy Tips

Bring your camp chair

Bring all weather clothing

Camp fires are only permitted in a fire drum/pit

Download a program

Buy some merch

If you see a guy with a camera – jump in front of it for some great content

Fire Wood

Corryong Football Club

BRYCE: 0438 905 740 – only text available as he is a shift worker

Firewood will be sold nightly from 5pm and bags will also be available from Corryong Tyre and Auto during the day.

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